The Skinny On Mens Leather Wallets

Need help choosing a wallet? The wallet’s purpose is to hold money,The Skinny On Mens Leather Wallets Articles a driver’s license, and maybe pictures of loved ones. Choosing a wallet that fulfills these needs means paying attention to functionality, quality, and style.

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Ok ask yourself how you’ll use your new wallet. Do you carry your change in your pocket or do you prefer to keep it in your wallet? If you keep it in your wallet, make sure there’s a change pocket. How many cards do you carry? Some jumbo wallets hold 16 cards or more, but perhaps four pockets will meet your needs. Do you need multiple billfolds, or just one? Do you want ID windows? How many? Other features to consider include money clips and business card holders. Some people like bigger wallets that can hold their checkbooks.

Function is all about utility, so be clear about what you do and don’t need when you select a wallet. Money clips are a minimalist approach to money storage but essentially serve the same purpose as a bifold wallet. Usually made of metal, clips help provide fast access to cash without the need to tote around a bulky wallet. The downside is of course a complete lack of storage for cards, ID, coins and other items you may need to carry. Coat wallets are ideal for businessmen who wear suits or coats on a daily basis. Unlike a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet, coat wallets store money flat. A variation of the coat wallet is the checkbook cover. Like a coat wallet, this style is usually longer and does not fold. They contain storage for a checkbook.



Check the quality of the product. If it’s a leather wallet, how’s the stitching? Is it straight, with equal-distance stitches all the way around? What’s the quality of the leather? Good quality leather lasts for years. Top grain leather is the best choice, but it can be expensive. Avoid split leathers, which tend to crack in the cold and tears easily. Take a minute to feel the wallet. Quality material, including quality leather, feels good to the touch. How does it fit in your hand? You’ll be touching your wallet a lot, so make sure the material feels good to you. Leather remains among the most popular wallet material for its durability and style. More elegant men’s wallets use animal skins like ostrich or alligator and are generally more expensive than a standard leather one. Other men’s wallet materials may include nylon, cotton, hemp, canvas, denim or even metal.



Wallet style is a personal matter, but an important one. Look for a style that suits who you are. Consider material as well as the situations you find yourself most commonly in. Leather wallets work in all situations, with black leather wallets a standard and timeless classic. Trends in men’s wallets have ventured beyond the classic leather look to achieve both fashion and function that still fits in a pocket. Many wallets, or billfolds, accomplish more than just securing money; they are designed to suit casual and formal occasions and are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Expect to pay more for exotic leathers such as ostrich, considered the most expensive in the exotic range for the complicated and time consuming process in tanning. Crocodile leather is a popular choice as is stingray leather.

Lastly, if price is a factor when choosing a wallet, you don’t need to go for a designer brand name to ensure quality. In fact, handcrafted exotic leather wallets can be cheaper than mass produced brand name wallets. Not only would you save yourself some cash, but you’d also be assured of a completely unique “one off” wallet that’ll make you stand out in the crowd. Take the time to look around.